Alarm Clock of Justice

Alarm Clock of Justice

Alarm Clock of Justice is a great customizable alternative to electronic alarms
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Alarm Clock of Justice is a great free alternative to your electronic alarm. This alarm will wake you up with your favorite song or video, moreover your computer does not need to be running all the night to wake you up, Alarm Clock of Justice will first wake your computer from hibernate or standby and then it will wake you up. This alarm is fully customizable, besides setting the time and date of the alarm you can adjust almost everything. As the alarm ring you can set almost everything you want, it may play any media file, start running a program, open any URL and even speak a reminder. And what is more you can set the volume effects of the alarm. Also you do not need to change the time of the alarm for different days of the week, instead you can create several alarms. The alarm will back up ten minutes after it is started by default but you can set it the way you want as I have told already everything is customizable in this alarm. It has many more functions that it is difficult to enumerate all of them. Moreover it is free. Still it has a tiny disadvantage, you will need some time to find out all its multiple features and cope with them.

Andrew Do
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  • Full featured.
  • Customizable.
  • Free


  • A bit difficult to cope with all its functions at first
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